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The Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission (PCAPC) is chaged with implementing Pulaski County land-use planning (per the Unified Development Document for Monterey, Medaryville, and Pulaski County, Indiana), as adopted by ordinances of the Board of County Commissioners in 2011 and 2012; hiring staff, as necessary, for the purposes of implementing and enforcing land-use codes; and revising the comprehensive plan and codes as necessary.

Dave Dare, Pulaski County Building Inspector and Plan Administrator
125 South Riverside Drive, Suite 150
Winamac, Indiana 46996
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The PCAPC meets at 7:00 p.m. Eastern on the fourth Monday of each month (excluding December; on Tuesday if a holiday falls on the fourth Monday), in the Commissioners' Room, second floor, Pulaski County Courthouse, 112 East Main Street, Winamac.

2015 Meeting Schedule/Minutes

January 26
July 27
February 23 August 24
March 23 September 28
April 27 October 26
May 26 (Tuesday) November 23
June 22  

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